Install MINI SNMP (mini_snmpd) pada OpenWRT

PAIDJO.COM – Mendengar kata SNMP pasti tidak jauh sama dengan urusan monitoring, baik itu network maupun hardware. Proses install MINI SNMP pada OpenWRT sangat mudah.

Install MINI SNMP (mini_snmpd) pada OpenWRT

Install MINI SNMP (mini_snmpd) pada OpenWRT

Pastikan mesin OpenWRT sudah terkoneksi dengan internet.

#opkg update
#opkg install mini_snmpd

konfigurasi mini_snmpd sebagai berikut

root@GGD-Srengseng:~# cat /etc/config/mini_snmpd
config mini_snmpd
        option enabled 1
        option ipv6 0
        option community 'public'
        option contact ''
        option location 'On The Way'

        # enable basic disk usage statistics on specified mountpoint
        list disks '/overlay'
        list disks '/tmp'

        # enable basic network statistics on specified interface
        # 4 interfaces maximum, as named in /etc/config/network
        list interfaces 'loopback'
        list interfaces 'lan'
        list interfaces 'wan'
        list interfaces 'tun0'

untuk list disks sesuaikan dengan perangkat yang Anda gunakan, dan untuk melihat partisinya

#df -h

Restart mini_snmpd

#/etc/init.d/mini_snmpd restart



OpenWrt is an open source project for embedded operating system based on Linux, primarily used on embedded devices to route network traffic. The main components are Linux, util-linux, uClibc or musl, and BusyBox. All components have been optimized for size, to be small enough for fitting into the limited storage and memory available in home routers.

OpenWrt is configured using a command-line interface (ash shell), or a web interface (LuCI). There are about 3500 optional software packages available for installation via the opkg package management system.

OpenWrt can run on various types of devices, including CPE routers, residential gateways, smartphones, pocket computers (e.g. Ben NanoNote), and laptops. It is also possible to run OpenWrt on personal computers, which are most commonly based on the x86 architecture.

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